Domo AI Video To Anime

Right now, the Domo AI app is widely used for anime generation through its Discord server. It easily converts ordinary videos to anime style, providing everything from flat-color anime to 3D cartoon styles. Domo AI offers a unique and creative approach to video transformation.

What is Domo AI Anime Generator?

Domo AI Anime generator to is used turn your photos and videos into cool anime scenes. If you’re ready to use the Domo AI App, start by visiting their website at The landing page is simple and user-friendly, characteristic of many AI tools. Similar to others in the genre, Domo AI integrates with Discord, making it easy to get started.

Domo AI Anime Basics:

Domo AI offers a range of commands to create anime-style videos and Images.

Here are the key commands:

  • /video: Transform your video into a different style.
  • /animate: Turns an image into a video.
  • /gen: Transforms an anime into a real photo.
  • /generate: Turns words into art.
Domo ai discord commands

Video to Animation:

By using the /video command, you can turn any video clip into an animated masterpiece. Simply select the desired channel, drag in your video, add a prompt for guidance, and hit enter.

Domo AI video to anime

The AI then presents you with a menu to choose your preferred video style, adjust the weighting between the source video and prompt, and set the duration. With options like flat color anime, Japanese live, and Chinese ink painting.

Domo AI video to anime style

Anime to Real Image:

Do you want to turn anime characters into realistic photos? Domo AI has you covered with the /real command.

Domo AI real image

Just type it in, select an image, and optionally add a prompt for more personalized results.

Image to Video:

For those wanting to animate static images, the /animate command comes into play. Without providing specific directions, the AI generates a basic animation.

However, with motion prompts like “turning head left,” you can breathe life into images, creating engaging and dynamic animations.

Exploring the Results

Domo AI showcases its prowess through various video clips. From Jack Sparrow in different artistic styles to the anime adaptation of scenes from “Lord of the Rings,” the results are fascinating. While it may not always recognize dialogue or specific actions, it excels in transforming clips that don’t rely heavily on character movement or speech.


Now, let’s talk numbers. Domo AI offers different subscription plans for users:

  • Basic Plan ($10/month): 500 credits/month
  • Standard Plan ($20/month): 1,200 credits/month
  • Additional Credits: $2 for 100 credits

Each generation consumes a certain number of credits, providing flexibility based on your creative needs.


Domo AI anime generator is a new and unique video-to-anime converter. As of now, you can use Domo AI through Discord Server for free.